5 Figure Promo Strategy

This Is How You Will Make The Most From This Launch

What's up Everyone, Luke Maguire here and with the help of Alex Cass & Alex Becker we have put together the following resources and launch walkthrough list to ensure you get the most out of this launch!

Things To Ensure You Have:

To Reach 4-5 Figures, Ensure You Have A BONUS!

From the track record of my team, offering a Bonus to YOUR list can double, or even triple your EPCs. Why? Because they are not only getting an awesome, discounted deal from me, but they are also getting an extra add on from YOU, the person they trust. Think about what you can offer that ties in nicely with Socialite Pro – give your list an incentive to purchase from YOU. The offer they already get is a no brainer and by YOU adding your spin on things, this just puts the icing on the cake.

I have even prepared a bonus offer for your pre launch and 1st day launch, as well as a mid week bonus to push those fence sitters over the edge.

1st Bonus – Youtube bonus module – how to create professional quality videos on a shoestring budget

2nd bonus - Graphics bonus Module – Learn to create highly converting cover photos, display pictures, ad images etc for free or on a shoe string budget.

3rd Bonus – 4 Insta Accounts 7 day viral Bonus Case Study – 60 mins work = 4 viral instagram pages, in different niches, from scratch.

Mid Week Bonus – Bonus Module- How to make YOURSELF an internet celebrity in your niche (proof).

You can see above that i have included a mid-week surprise Bonus. This will not only justify the price increase but again will add extra value to your customer. By making this a limited bonus it will add to the scarcity of the deal and will help tip them over and accepting this irrefutable offer. Again make sure if YOU can offer a bonus along side mine, you will convert a LOT higher!

Ensure Your Lists Knows About The TRUE Scarcity On The Sales Page.

The first 24 hours of launch we will be offering 30% off Socialite Pro, this will be the cheapest this system will ever be so it’s imperative your list knows this. We will be pushing 2 of the bonus's at this point along with the discount. These bonus's will then be removed within 24 hours so again we need to push this fact to create the scarcity needed 🙂

After the first 24 hours has passed we will judge on how sales are going to push the fact that the 30% off discount has now dropped to 25% but the Socialite Pro team have decided to extend the bonus special for the next 50 customers so they need to get in NOW. Mid week you can then throw in our mid week bonus as well as any other bonus’s you guys can contribute (we highly recommend putting your own bonus’s in as well).

This is where we again push the scarcity, showing that they may have missed out on the initial offer. . After the 5 days is over the price will go up and all discounts, bonus’s etc will be done. A Rule of thumb here is as the PRICE increases, so should the value of your Bonus’s.

Relate Your Product To Your List

If you have a strong, established list in a specific niche, by letting them know how this will help them in their business will dramatically increase your conversions. You can see in the email swipes tab up the top some pre made swipes for specific niches that you can tweak accordingly.


Mail Multiple Times, but don’t spam the same message.

There are so many benefits to Socialite Pro that you can easily spread these out through your differnet emails. This gives you an excuse to email them again as they haven’t found out about all the benefits yet. Slowly gain their trust and spoon feed them how Socialite Pro will not only improve their social marketing skills, but their business’s, banks & life. You can see a bunch of these benefits on the Salespage and in the EMAIL SWIPES section that I created for you J

This way you can email all week long and make a lot more money than you would with just a single email. Again remember with the later emails, include higher value bonus’s!

So if you mail this offer all week long, with the steps I’m outlining here, no doubt will you make a ton more than just the one email.

So if you mail this offer all week long, with the steps I’m outlining here, no doubt will you make a ton more than just the one email.

Also again I wanted to discuss the thousands of dollars in prizes I am giving away that everyone has a chance of winning.

There will be:

Daily Prizes - Overall Prizes -Random Prizes 

In return all I want you to do is be aggressive and mail hard!

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This is going to make you a lot of money, so jump on and join the team now before it’s to late.

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Skype: luke.maguire89

Cheers everyone,