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How Did They All Go From Zero Money Online To Making Hundreds and Thousands Per Day?


They were able to do this by working with me and learning my exact process to get them in front of tens of thousand of people so they see there message and create a relationship with you and your brand on autopilot. With The Training taught inside of Socialite Pro & the BONUS Software included, you will be getting leads and making money as soon as today.

So Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Luke Maguire

I’m 24, from Australia, have a PHD in dance floor domination & am the guy who has been making a killing using social media over the past 4 years. I’ve decided it’s now time to give back & let others know the secrets that have given me and my clients such insane results. My number #1 goal here is to help you make $ using social media as fast as possible.

Without writing a soap opera, I used to have a crappy 9-5 job at a horrible restaurant that I’ve never eaten again at since I quit. I did the University thing, finished at 19, couldn’t get a job in the field I wanted due to not having any experience. I was left to take what I could get and started working 15-20 hour days for an event management company.

Like many other people I have spoken to, I was not happy in the job I was in and really wanted freedom, to work my own hours from home (or wherever I wanted to travel) and obviously wanted to make a lot of money at the same time. Sounds like a big ask I know, but I was seeing others do it so I thought I’d dive into the internet marketing world and give it a shot.

I devoted all of my spare time to figure out how to make money online, I think I purchased every book, training program, learned the ins and outs of SEO but still was getting no results. One day I decided to create a Facebook page to sell tickets to a festival. This festival didn’t even have a Facebook page and when I came back a few days later, all of a sudden there was 30 thousand fans on this page… This one page literally changed the direction of my life.

After dedicating the past few years of my life to finding out the most effective & profitable ways to setup, grow, engage and profit on social media, I decided to put Socialite Pro together over the past 8 months so you can learn to do the same. I’ve done the hard yards, spent the money and made the mistakes so you don’t have to & I’m so excited to having you start and get leads coming in right away.

After literally connecting millions of people with content i choose, making multi 6 figures a year and doing the exact same for my clients and friends, i decided it was time to give back to my peers and show others how to do this, no matter what niche, over and over again at a FRACTION of the cost my clients pay me.

Over the past year i have put together just this - spending months on end recording videos, tutorials, case studies and walkthroughs from scratch so you can literally copy what i do, time and time again and get results coming in TODAY, on autopilot.



Socialite Pro

-Make Money As Early As TODAY
-Get You In Front Of Buyers... TODAY
-Do It Over And Over, ON AUTOPILOT

Yup. That Easy.

Literally watch and copy me as i show you time & time again how i make social media pages from scratch, grow them and then convert them into money in my bank, time after time after time. This system is so full proof you will be getting fans coming to YOU today.

Socialite Pro is the video series training program that will transform you from a total beginner to a money making Social Media Guru... The End.

Here's What You'll Master By The End Of Socialite Pro....

How To Set-And-Forget An Autopilot System That Brings In Sales Day And Night

Netting Fans (And Raving Buyers)

Local, Affiliate, Personal Money Making

Socialite Pro shows you MULTIPLE ways to make money from Social Media. I teach you how you can have new clients calling you daily for your social media services (FYI this represents over half my yearly income), show you how you can make 100k+ from affiliate and personal marketing per individual campaign, following this rinse and repeat strategies taught.

How To Make Money In Your Niche

That's right, not only will I show you the top niches that literally make it SO easy to make money in online, I also show you how I make hundreds of dollars in completely random niches. There are hundreds of thousands of niches just sitting there waiting to be matched with a product or service & Socialite Pro teaches you how to meet them & make a tidy profit while doing so.

Here's How To Make Money As Early As Today

While i feel i could speak for days about everything that you will learn inside the program, here are some of the main key points i think you will find most impressive.

Facebook Domination

Your customers are sitting on Facebook right now and in this series i'm going to be putting you right of them, TODAY.

Basically i show you how i make sales within 24 hours starting from scratch, through to making 1000's per individual social media campaign with little effort at all. The best part is, once it's all set up, it runs on autopilot!

  • Steal Competitors Fans

    I show you some facebook loopholes that allow you to gather Stacks of information of your competitors fans & then ensure they see YOUR updates! (little bit evil right ;))

  • Automation Domination

    I don’t know about you, but i LOVE automating the boring work & i show you exactly how to do this. Automate everything from updates, messaging competitor fans, inviting people to groups or your pages, your ads & your content getting!

  • Dark Posts

    Facebook Dark Posts are without a doubt one of the best ways to market on Facebook & i show you from scratch how to create them and track their results in the best way possible.

  • Facebook Loopholes

    There are many loopholes that Facebook allows you to take advantage of though not many people know about them. Sell directly to affiliate sites, take advantage of your competitors fans for your own benefit, these are real game changers.

  • Done 4 You Top Niches

    I’ve tried and tested many niches on Facebook and while i do show you how you can sell to ANY niche at all (backed up with sales proof) I also share with you what i believe to be the best markets to target & how to target them!

  • 100k+ profit walkthroughs

    Come inside my 100k+ per year profit Facebook pages and see everything from HOW i rinse and repeat the practices taught in the program, how my ads are running, how much i spend etc as well as real time money coming into my account so you can just copy and impliment the same strategy!

I share with you my fail proof system that i use to create sales daily on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. All you need to do is watch, impliment and sit back to see the fans coming in, followed by sales.

Instagram Money Making

I Love Instagram because you will have leads coming in within 60 seconds, literally. 

  • Automated Posting

    Until now automating your Instagram updates has not been possible, i show you the loophole to let you do this! I spent roughly 2 hours per month per Instagram account setting up content to be rolled out multiple times daily. Not bad don’t you think!

  • Fan Interaction Optimisation

    Interaction with fans is key but it can be incredibly time consuming if you had to sit there all day clicking on different peoples profiles  to like and comment. I show you how i set up my accounts to automatically like & comment on specific niche markets.

  • Content Getting

    Content getting can be incredibly boring & time consuming, but i show you how you can get thousands of images right away, ready to be uploaded to YOUR account!

  • Instagram Money Making.

    The end goal is about making money right, so how do we do this on Instagram? The cool thing is there are MANY ways to do so & these are all explained inside Socialite Pro 🙂

Intagram Elite Series again is showing you the fundamentals put into action right in front of you. This puts the theory into practice as i introduce another fail proof system that will have you getting likes and fans with in 60 seconds... literally.

Again a main focus of this program is about automation and being able to set up structures that allow you to engage and connect with your chosen market at a very effective, efficient level. This series shows how i get hundreds of real followers and likes on my pics/profiles a day while doing under an hour of work. not bad huh!

Youtube Takeover

Ever wanted to be a youtube celeb or wanted to know how to get your video in front of millions? Well I'm about to show you how!

  • Outrank Competitor Videos

    You will learn how to upload your video the RIGHT way to ensure youtube LOVES your videos and even outranks your competitor videos!

  • Youtube Keyword Research

    Learn the best keywords to rank your video for to ensure you get as many views as possible! It astounds me how many people rank videos for rubbish key terms. i will show you how you can rank for BIG searches simply.

  • How To Rank Your Video

    I show you how you can easily rank videos on Youtube for highly searched terms. I even show you how you can leverage off your competitors videos and some sneaky loopholes that will give you that competitive advantage!

  • Youtube Views, Likes Subscribes etc.

    It’s imperative your videos get quality views, likes, shares and subs from the get go, but how do you do this if you are just starting out? Don’t worry, this is all revealed inside Socialite Pro.

Elite Website Creation

Create A Masterpiece Website Training

You will learn how to create a website that will be more appealing than the 'Mona Lisa'  within a few hours without needing to know one single piece of code.

I see so many courses that say 'okay now send traffic from Facebook to your site' or 'don't forget to put the link to your website in your youtube video'. But what if you don't have a website? I had no idea how to create a website and it was a big learning curve for me. This is why i have included the Elite Website Creation series where i show you how to create a website on a shoe string budget, within a couple of hours from scratch.

(Even If You're A Newbie, I'll Have You Crushing It In No Time Covering The Basics, All The Way To Advanced, Money-Making Strategies...)

Fundamentals Series

If You Think You're A Total Tech-Challenged Meathead, I Also Included The Basics Of Each Social Platform, And Get You Making Cash As Soon As Possible. The More tech Challenged Users The Merrier! 

I've literally spent years figuring out the best ways to create, grow and automate my Social Media Marketing. With so many programs, tools, techniques, bots & tutorials out there it's incredibly overwhelming. Socialite Pro removes all of this drama for you and gives you the strategy that works, backed up by results, over & over again.


I don't want to scare you but you are going to miss out BIG if you don't jump on this before the end of the week when prices go up dramatically...



($499 Bonus Value For Free In Launch Week)


Bonus 1 - Socialite Eye SOFTWARE

Socialite Eye is a bonus software I have created for you that will literally give you hundreds and thousands of local leads in any niche in any location at the click of a button. This will save you hours in searching for local clients and add a huge amount onto your current income (Pick up 10 local clients at 1k per month = over 100k a year just in local clients)!

Bonus 2 - Youtube Celebrity Recording Masterclass

Here i show you how you can become a youtube celebrity by taking you through how to record very professional, highly engaging videos with some extremely basic tools.

Bonus 3 - Four Instagram Accounts, 7 Days Case Study.

4 Brand new profiles in random niches over 7 days. this case study really shows how you can supercharge your lead getting in no matter what niche through Instagram.

Bonus 4 - Logo/Cover Photo/Display Picture Design Module

Learn to create engaging, stunning and highly converting images for free so you will never need to wait on anyone else.

These Bonuses are disappearing at the end of launch week

Anything Else I Need To Know Before I Start?

  • Start Making Money Today

    Sounds crazy but if you sit down for the day and follow these video tutorials you can impliment some of these tactics TODAY it’s very possible you will get your first sale today using Social media traffic, i even show you this in many of the case studies! I also take you into my sites which make $300-1000 per day!

  • No Experience Needed

    I take you through EVERYTHING from scratch – If you have never touched a computer in your life that is not a problem, you can copy exactly what i do click for click through the video tutorials! I spoon feed you all the way through to ensure you can not fail!

  • Autopilot Training

    As mentioned previously, this program is designed to ensure you work SMART rather than hard, enabling you to learn practices that will give you maximal results with minimal time expenditure.

  • Video Walkthroughs

    The most complete video walkthrough system that only gives results. A Year in the making, this video walkthrough takes you from start to finish using a specific process that is fail proof.

  • 1 on 1 Support From Me

    You are not on this journey by yourself – i will give you my personal Facebook, email, Skype and even my mobile number. I really want YOU to succeed with this & am here to take you through this journey also. At anytime give me a call or email and i will get back to you asap!

  • Private Forum Access

    You will also be given access to our private Forum. This is such a valuable asset to this program as it’s a place where ALL of us can join and help one another, ask questions, share success, tips & tricks.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure you will love Socialite Pro that in the first 10 days you can have a refund no matter what – For example if you don’t like my hair, you have had a bad week or you have just found this isn’t for you, no problem!

To make this even better for you, if you put the effort in,  implement the tactics, work with me personally in the private group inside and STILL don’t get results after sixty days – i’ll DOUBLE your money back on your investment… So one way or the other you WILL make money out of this! That’s how sure i am this will work for you.

At the end of the week prices are going up and bonuses are being removed so act NOW to secure your lifetime membership at the cost of eating at a restaurant!

I know how hard it is to make money online when you have no real direction, i was stuck in this mess for years.

Socialite Pro is truly my Masterpiece that i have spent almost a year to give you the no BS, straight to the point, result driven the skill set that i have been able to learn from years of trial and error, to make it that easy for anyone at any level to get results using social media, fast.

I Will See You Inside & Let's start getting your social pages & bank account growing!

PS - Still reading huh! That's okay, i know it can be intimidating purchasing a new product and deciding if it's for you, i've purchased many i haven't been happy with. Remember though i'm so sure that this will work for you that if it doesn't i will give you a full refund within 10 days & will even DOUBLE your money back after 60 if you haven't seen results - you seriously have nothing to lose so click that order button and lets get you some results.

PPS - You have two options now, you can either leave here and wonder 'what if', OR you can take me up on the huge launch discount and  launch bonuses, a risk free double your money back refund policy & start making a killing with me inside in a few minutes.

This product is not to be downloaded, copied, or re-sold outside of the JV Zoo Affiliate network - Any copies/memberships found outside of this site will be deemed fraud & legal action will be taken.